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Although we are a small community, Crested Butte is home to a number of great schools for children of all ages. Our caring teachers, strong administrators, and dedicated parents and volunteers ensure that all students in the community have the opportunity to be successful.

Crested Butte Preschools

If your little ones aren’t quite of age to be attending kindergarten, the Crested Butte community has a few great preschool options from which you can choose.

Paradise Place Preschool, located in downtown Crested Butte, provides developmentally appropriate education for young students ranging from 1-5 years with special programs for children up to 8 years old during the summer months. (970) 349-2149
Stepping Stone Children’s Center, just down the road from the CB Community School, is a non-profit childcare center serving children from ages 6 months- 6 years old. Drop in care available in the summer for up to 8 years old. (970) 349-5288
Little Red Schoolhouse and Teeny Red Schoolhouse are located just a few miles south of Crested Butte in the Crested Butte South subdivision. In operation since 2002, Little Red welcomes children from ages 3 months all the way up to kindergarten age. (970) 349-0996

Crested Butte Community School

Crested Butte’s K-12 Community School, part of the Gunnison Watershed School District (RE1J), is a truly outstanding and welcoming school.
Our high school recently received a gold medal and was ranked number 6 in the state of Colorado by the US News and World Report. With strong academic programs, nearly 70% of students participate in Advanced Placement classes during their high school years. The Community School also has great athletic programs including track, soccer, basketball, and more.
Our elementary and middle schools create a safe environment in which students can feel comfortable learning together and challenging each other. Caring, kind, and devoted teachers guide their students towards academic gains in the classroom. And the cafeteria serves great, nutritious school lunches to boot.
To speak to the office about enrolling your child in the Crested Butte Community School, please call (970) 641-7720.

Higher Education in the Gunnison Valley

Gunnison County is home to Western State Colorado University, a public university in the Colorado State University system. Featuring a small college feel with the amenities and advantages of a true university, Western is an asset to the entire Crested Butte and Gunnison Valley community. With community education programming throughout the summer, strong athletic teams, and a great extended studies program, having Western so close to Crested Butte adds to our thriving community.

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